Vestris 4.0

The project Vestris 4.0 Choreographic Miniatures was developed with the dancer/choreographer Eva Maria Schaller and Cellist Maiken Beer for Imagetanz 2017, brut Wien in cooperation D.ID / OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart.



Pancrace Royer: Le Vertigo

Pancrace Royer: Le Vertigo (2016)
adaption of Joseph-Niclas-Pancrace Royer’s harpsichord composition “le vertigo” (1746) for ensemble and electronics

line-up: flute, clarinet, trombone, e-guitar, keyboard, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass, electronics
duration: 6′
date of premiere: 23.09.2016, Black Page Orchestra, Arena Wien

Black Page Orchestra, conductor Leonhard Garms
visuals: Patrik Lechner
stage design: Christopher Sturmer, Birgit Rampula

Die Auflösung traditioneller Stubenmusik in die Geometrie des Alpenhauptkammes. 1.Versuch: Almenmeditation

Die Auflösung traditioneller Stubenmusik in die Geometrie des Alpenhauptkammes
1.Versuch: Almenmeditation
The dissolution of traditional regional parlour music into the geometry of the main chain of the alps
1.attempt: mountain pasture meditation

line-up: Liru (finnish folk clarinet), alpine Zither, 2 channel electronics
duration: 7’40”
date of premiere: 07.10.2016, Mikko Raasakka, Martin Mallaun

Gefüttert mit 222 Midiflies alpenländischer Stubenmusik sowie dem geologischen Profil alpiner Gebirgsketten spuckt der Computer musikalische Gesten für Lira und Zither aus, die genau dem entsprechen: eine Anhäufung und Überlagerung traditioneller Stubenmusik bzw. dessen extrahierter musikalischer Parameter, abgebildet auf die graphischen Verläufe des Alpenprofils.
feeded with 222 midifiles of alpine folk music as well as with the geologic profile of alpine mountain chains, the computer engine spits out musical gestures for liru and zither which correspond exactly to this: an accumulation and a superposition of traditional parlour music resp. their extracted musical parameters, mapped on the graphical characteristics of the alps.


In 2015 I was invited to work together with the Zagreb based choreographers Petra Hrašćanec, Ksenija Zec, Saša Božić on a new performance named “SAMPLING”.

Matea Bilosnić, Josipa Štulić, Marko Jastrevski, POGON Zagreb May 2015

When I watched your footage, where you start with just putting the human body and working with this small gestures that may look like coincidences/natural deviation, maybe one might not even recognize that the body is already “dancing” – it immediately came to my mind starting my musical material in the same way. so since the musical setup is just speakers and electricity, I began working only with electricity noises (the acoustical natural deviation from silence in every place where speakers and electricity are). This would be Track-01.
In Track-02 I tried to find a musical link for your idea of the “changing weights” with the bodies – I think the link should be just on abstract level but not synchronious in time, cause I dont want to emphasize this small movements acoustically, this might look/sound clownish.
Track-03 is a musical texture I could imagine for the eye-blinking moment – small, but dense activity.
Track-04 now would be the opposite – bigger movements, but quite slowly, desoriented.
Track-05 is then the final activity, lots of movement,  fast running, jumping