PITCH STUDY NO.2 / THe 88 piano Keys

line-up: grand piano, 2 keyboards
duration: 20 minutes
date of premiere: 18.05.2022 BLACK PAGE ORCHESTRA, Musikverein Wien

exists also in an alternative version for grand piano and 1 keyboard

The piece treats each key of the piano in an informative, disinformative, narrative, musical or non-musical way, starting in order from the lowest to the highest note.

The individual octaves form 7 chapters. During the composition, the listener learns, among other things, to distinguish the rustling of wind in different types of trees, how the physical condition of guinea pigs can be changed by 8-hour exposure to a 116 hertz frequency, how the 2mm insect Lesser Waterboatman achieves a sound of 96 dB with its penis, at which cytological position in the genome of the fruit fly one can adjust the pitch of its mating call, or how often the “a” occurs in all 32 Beethoven sonatas.

No animals were harmed for the piece, except for one.