Pancrace Royer: The harpsichord pieces

I – La Marche de Scythes
II – La Sensible

line-up: flute/alto fulte, tenor recorder/alto recorder, harpsichord, electronics (stereo-playback plus subwoofer, clicktrack)
duration: 15 minutes
date of premiere: 13.10.2017, Airborne Extended, Minoriten Graz


The composition is based on pitch data extracted from two of the harpsichord pieces by the french baroque composer Joseph Nicolas Pancrace Royer, and an investigation in tonality.
In the first piece (la marche de scythes) all the notes of the piece where taken and sorted from the lowest to the highest. the result is an ascending, nearly chromatic line, repeating every note as often as it appears in the original piece. this leads to interesting tonal phenomenons, percepting tonality as a matter of statistical weights, as well as hearing a permanent leading-note.
The second piece steps through all the pitches of the piece in subsequently, merging them to chords, creating kind of pseudo-cadenzas and deformed harmonic developments.