interdisciplinary work

Wassermusik Suite No.2 Warnow Version intermedia work Junge Akademie / Akademie der Künste Berlin; Sebastian Gräfe, Matthias Kranebitter
Performance in Warnemünde January 2016, trombones: Florian Juncker, Matthias Müller, Thomas Moore, Alon Stoler, Vladimir Veres

Composition for the Honorable Reception of a River Flowing into the Sea

On its arrival at the sea, a river has expanded to its maximum size – and it ends at the same time. To mark this occasion a brass band plays a piece wirtten especially for the river and therby pays it a special tribute.

Echotecture Prolog Klangforum Wien, Szenografieklasse Anna Viebrock
Semperdepot Mai 2016

The project Vestris 4.0 Choreographic Miniatures was developed with the dancer/choreographer Eva Maria Schaller and Cellist Maiken Beer for Imagetanz 2017, brut Wien in cooperation D.ID / OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart.

Liat Elkayam, Matthias Kranebitter

RELAX/NOW! is hysterical meditation, an efficiency-increased peace of mind. It is an over-the-top representation of the grotesque outgrowth of the relaxation industry.

Short film based on a flash mob performance at Berlin Alexanderplatz

Directed by / libretto: Caitlin van der Maas
composer: Matthias Kranebitter
soprano: Maria Jose Rodriguez
e-guitar: Nicola Hein
actors: Harald Baumgartner, Markwart Müller-Elmau
stage design: Sebastian Gräfe
costumes: Henriette Müller
script consulting: Henrik Adler