interdisciplinary work

Echotecture Prolog – Klangforum Wien / Szenografieklasse Anna Viebrock – Semperdepot Mai 2016
15 musicians spread in a space on 4 floors, performing a composition following the architectural conditions of the space, creating a 3d acoustical object growing and contracting in the hyperacoustic hall.


Choreographic Miniatures: Vestris 4.0

The project Vestris 4.0 experiments with de-masking a historical choreography and translating it into a contemporary form of expression.
Based on the Solo „Vestris“ by Leonid Yacobson, which was created in 1969 as a part of his „Choreographic Miniatures“ and depicts short episodes of the life of Vestris, a famous dancer in the 18th century, the dancer – as a contemporary subject – steps into the historical, male movement-material and distorts, rips open the original choreography from within. In a close relation to the music new assoziations and meanings occur, as does a space for the musicality of the dance.


Wassermusik Suite No.2 Warnow Version

Junge Akademie / Akademie der Künste Berlin; Sebastian Gräfe, Matthias Kranebitter
Performance in Warnemünde January 2016, trombones: Florian Juncker, Matthias Müller, Thomas Moore, Alon Stoler, Vladimir Veres

Composition for the Honorable Reception of a River Flowing into the Sea

On its arrival at the sea, a river has expanded to its maximum size – and it ends at the same time. To mark this occasion a brass band plays a piece wirtten especially for the river and therby pays it a special tribute.

Sebastian Gräfe, Matthias Kranebitter: Stone Conference Arad

In our times of permanent stress and alienation there is a growing longing for tranquility, simplicity and a “back-to-nature”. for many of us, a symbol of the archaic and the timeless is the stone. but what do the stones have to tell us? starting point of the project was finding a possibility to listen to stones. the intention was not to make music with or for the stones, but they should be source of the music.
With contact microphones and contact speakers feedback circuits between different stones are generated, which make the structure-borne noise (Körperschall) audible. depending on the geological as well as the geometrical structure of the stones different frequencies occur – the stone can be heard through an active process of listening.

Marino Formenti, Stirn Prumzer, Matthias Kranebitter: Adonia Adorata III

In this live improvisation all sounds are created by contact microphones on the pianist’s and the painter’s tools, creating short circuits and feedbacks with small speakers inside the piano, with the interaction of the computer looping and freezing the occuring sounds once a while.




Liat Elkayam, Matthias Kranebitter

RELAX NOW! deals with observations in the area of conflict between cultural Hegemony and Autonomy in public spaces.
Starting point is the experience, that most public spaces are so-called “flat spaces”, one-dimensional and directed in their experiencability; they are not Free Spaces but are culturally occupied, subordinated in a system and to authority.
RELAX/NOW! is hysterical meditation, an efficiency-increased peace of mind. It is an over-the-top representation of the grotesque outgrowth of the relaxation industry.

A catalogue with the technology of greeting cards playing different soundfiles on each page you open it. music, text and graphics “forcing” you to relax. the ficitve RELAX/NOW! company promises from stressed to relaxed in 4.3 seconds!










Short film based on a flash mob performance at Berlin Alexanderplatz


Directed by / libretto: Caitlin van der Maas
composer: Matthias Kranebitter
soprano: Maria Jose Rodriguez
e-guitar: Nicola Hein
actors: Harald Baumgartner, Markwart Müller-Elmau
stage design: Sebastian Gräfe
costumes: Henriette Müller
script consulting: Henrik Adler