new work for KLANGFORUM WIEN

The Klangforum Wien, in cooperation with netzzeit and Anna Viebrock’s students at the Academy of Fine Arts, launches its new project Echotecture in the Semperdepot Wien (21.5. and 22.5.).

The basic idea of „Echotecture“ is to present an operatic work which is not primarily initiated and determined by the libretto or the composition, but by the parameters of the spatial surroundings in which the work is jointly created by librettists, composers, scenographers and musicians.

In order to realise this particular operatic approach, “Echotecture” reverts to the vanished idea of a theatrical composer who – in daily close collaboration with the company – with fluency and ease turns into music whatever occurs in time and in a particular place. With Peter Jakober and Matthias Kranebitter two composers of the young generation were invited to take over this role.

~ by matthiaskranebitter on March 30, 2016.