In 2015 I was invited to work together with the Zagreb based choreographers Petra Hrašćanec, Ksenija Zec, Saša Božić on a new performance named “SAMPLING”.

Matea Bilosnić, Josipa Štulić, Marko Jastrevski, POGON Zagreb May 2015

When I watched your footage, where you start with just putting the human body and working with this small gestures that may look like coincidences/natural deviation, maybe one might not even recognize that the body is already “dancing” – it immediately came to my mind starting my musical material in the same way. so since the musical setup is just speakers and electricity, I began working only with electricity noises (the acoustical natural deviation from silence in every place where speakers and electricity are). This would be Track-01.
In Track-02 I tried to find a musical link for your idea of the “changing weights” with the bodies – I think the link should be just on abstract level but not synchronious in time, cause I dont want to emphasize this small movements acoustically, this might look/sound clownish.
Track-03 is a musical texture I could imagine for the eye-blinking moment – small, but dense activity.
Track-04 now would be the opposite – bigger movements, but quite slowly, desoriented.
Track-05 is then the final activity, lots of movement,  fast running, jumping