polychotic listening tasks

line-up: trumpet, horn, e-guitar, violin, viola, 4-channel playback
duration: 19 minutes
date of premiere: 21.5.2018 Ensemble Tzara, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich

commissioned by and written for Ensemble Tzara

recorded live @ Ackermannshof Basel, 23.5.2018,
Ensemble TZARA
Christina Aiko Mayer, violin
Genevieve Camenisch, viola
Philipp Schaufelberger, e-guitar
Christoph Luchsinger, trumpet
Samuel Stoll, horn

Dichotic Listening is a psychological test commonly used to investigate selective attention within the auditory system. During a standard dichotic listening test, a participant is presented with two different auditory stimuli simultaneously, directed into different ears over headphones.
Polychotic Listening is an extension of the dichotic listening, assuming that the participant has more than two ears.

The composition is a quadrophonic piece, with 1 instrumentalist and 1 speaker per corner forming approximately a square around the audience. the electric guitar is placed in front in the middle of the stage.