Tezcatlipocas für Saxophonquartett (2009)

5 Miniaturen über Entstehung und Zerstörung der Welten

Besetzung: Saxophonquartett
Dauer: 6’
UA: 06.10..2009, Festival Dani Nove Glazbe Split, Kroatien

The Tezcatlipocas are the first five gods in Aztec mythology, but at the same time each of them represents a world as well as a sun. The worlds were created and every time completely extinguished, until our current world was born. In the piece I also worked with the effect of tabula rasa. It is based on five very different, linear developments, chopped in pieces and put again together, losing the linearity of the timeline. The sound of the saxophone quartet with its archaic and mystic taste was very suitable for me for the realization of this subject.