3 nihilistische Etüden über eine Liebe der Musikindustrie

3 nihilistische Etüden über eine Liebe der Musikindustrie (2013)
(3 nihilistic studies on a music industry’s favourite) 

line-up: piano and electronic
duration: 5 minutes
date of premiere: 27.9.2013, Klangspuren Schwaz, Tirol
Seda Röder piano

The electronic part is a playback in 3 tracks, to be played via a simple mp3-player inside the piano (within the reach of the pianist), its output connected to a pair of computer monitor speakers (5 to 10 Watts RMS), also placed inside the piano. The tracks are changed by the pianist manually as indicated in the score.

The composition was published on Seda Röder’s CD black and white statements