trinklied vom jammer der erde II

trinklied vom jammer der erde II  (dunkel ist das leben ist der tod) (2011)
(drinking song of Earth’s misery (dark is life, is death))

line-up: oboe, french horn, piano
duration: 8′
date of premiere: 1.12.2011, Lviv, Ukraine
Ensemble Nostri Temporis

The piece is a first attempt of a carnivalization of music respectively the creation of an aesthetic of the grotesque based on the theory of Mikhail Bakhtin. Therefore Gustav Mahler suits as a reference, since his work marks an end as well as a new beginning, considering him a composer living in times of big changes, which (so Baktin) are always preceded by a carnivalization of the consciousness. Facing this situation today too, I was trying to make use of the principles of medieval carnival in this composition, reversing and suspending rules, overturning hierarchies, eccentric behaviour, the profanation and negating of any kind of pathos, and last but not least realising the ideas of the “grotesque body”, the demerging, the breaking apart, the protrusions, the incomplete, in general a heterogeneity and incongruity.

Compared to Mahler, this music interprets time and changes, beginning and ending, not in an individual, but universal way, meaning that from this point of view the quoted lines dunkel ist das leben, ist der tod (dark is life, is death), which give the basic rhythm for all the music in the piece, are not talking anymore about the fear of dark and death, yet from cycle of devour and rebirth, of demolition and creation, of permanent growth and renewing, which finally can be faced with the liberating and creative laugh of medieval carnival’s culture: dark is life, is death 🙂 !

The piece was comissioned by Ensemble Nostri Temporis.