zoom in

zoom in for soprano saxophone and live-electronic (2007)

duration: 4’30”
date of premiere: 13.4.2007, Teatar ITD Zagreb
soprano saxophone: Gordan Tudor, live electronic: Matthias Kranebitter

The whole piece describes the act of  a “zoom in”. On one hand this happens in the time structure, the durations of the musical phrases as well as the time intervals between the single notes permanently increases, on the other hand it happens with the sound by itself, which means the increasing of the loudness, the expansion of the used frequency spektra and finally the expansion in the space. The whole operation by itself is quiet predictable, although throughout new details appear. The direction is default, the developing determinated, but inside this frame new things show up.
It is he saxophonist, who is responsible for his destiny, who steers the electronic and releases energy, which he probably can’t deal anymore. Irresistible and inevitable, without the possibility of turning back, of  a “zoom out”.

The electronic runs via MAXMSP and needs 1 microphone and 4 speakers.