ringelreigen116,9g CO2

Ringelreigen 116,9g CO2 (2011)

for bass clarinet and electronic (also exists as a version for bassoon and electronic)

duration: 6 minutes

date of premier (bass clarinet version): 3.6.2011, Echoraum Wien
bass clarinet: Florian Fennes

date of premier (bassoon version): 11.4.2011, Gaudeamus Vertolkers Concours, Amsterdam
bassoon: Matthias Kronsteiner

The electronic exists as a fixed playback track or as a maxpatch for triggering the individual samples via a controller (eg midi pedal).

Player: 60 litres of air per minute (serious sport!)
1 litre air = 1 gram, CO2 in exhalation: 4 %
60 l/min = 360 l for the piece (6 min) = 360g air, 4 % is 14,4g CO2

2 Speakers  per 500 Watt, 0,1 hours = 100Wh = 100g CO2
Laptop: 25W, 0,1 hours  = 2,5 Wh = 2,5g CO2

Total: 14,4g + 100g + 2,5g = 116,9g CO2

This is the amount of CO2 for every performance. No rehearsals included in this calculation. Please note: The less rehearsals, the better for the enviroment!

Matthias Kronsteiner, Fagott