concerto for alto saxophone

concerto for alto saxophone and midi orchestra in D major for alto saxophone and electronic (2009)

duration: 11′
date of premiere: 07.10.2009, Fesitval Dani Nove Glazbe Split, Croatia
alto saxophone: Gordan Tudor

Working with the 127 General Midi Sounds of my Computer as the only material for the electronic part of my composition means for me an ironical statement to mass industry, the media society and its result of short term trash products. Further I generated the saxophone part from stereotypical phrases and gestures, always with a slightly tonal smell, imitating traditional manners in a humoristic context. Whereas in the first part the saxophonists answer to the massive noise of the electronic is virtuosity, in the second part he loses himself in emptiness and senseless repetitions.

The piece is the first one out of the Midi-Trash-Trilogy

(see therefore also concerto for harpsichord and ensemble in E flat major, 2nd StringQuartett)

(1st movement of the concerto, Gordan Tudor live @ Dani Nove Glazbe Split, Croatia)