2nd string quartet

2.Streichquartett for viola and electronic (2010)

duration: 8′
date of premiere: 16.12.2010, Echoraum Wien
viola: Jelena Poprzan

The electronic part is a 3-channel playback. The position of the musician and the speakers on stage should be the one of a string quartet (4
chairs, from left to right: speaker 1 on chair 1, speaker 2 on chair 2, viola player on chair 3, speaker 4 on chair 4)

The piece is the third and last one of the Midi-Trash-Trilogy

(see therefore also the  concerto for alto saxophone and midi orchestra in D major, concerto for harpsichord and ensemble in E flat major)

(Jelena Poprzan live @ Echoraum Wien)

The string quartet in its traditional bourgeois form doesn’t meet the criteria of the progressive, modern and efficient thinking! In the past there were four (!) persons necessary to create one (!) sound! Since this isn’t an economical intelligent dealing with resources AT ALL, there is a big need for a radical reform of structures for an optimal increase of efficiency! Today we are able to use new technical possibilities to gain ESSENTIALLY the profitability through optimizing the expenses and OUTSOURCING OF PERSONNEL COSTS!! The earning power of a string quartet can be boosted THROUGH A MORE efficient value-added chain and can sustainable improve the competitive capability, which will have a TREMENDOUSLY POSITIVE impact on the shareholder value!! Historical grown and crusted organisational structures will yield STRATEGIC REORIENTATION and repositioning WITH the help of our PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM!! The ENHANCEMENT OF THE COMPANY VALUE is the crucial factor FOR INVESTORS AND businessman!!! PERCORMANCE IS NOT DESTINY, IT IS CONTROLLABLE!!!