Konzert für die Unsichtbare Hand (nach Adam Smith)

Konzert für die Unsichtbare Hand (nach Adam Smith) (2015)

line-up: soprano saxophone, e-guitar, piano, 5-channel-electronic playback
duration: 15 minutes
date of premiere: 12.05.2015 Ensemble Phace, Wiener Konzerthaus

The Konzert für die unsichtbare Hand (nach Adam Smith) is the sacred music of late capitalism, worshipping the last remaining god – the invisible hand of free market, which transforms the egoism of the individual into the benefit and wealth of the community.

The instrumentalists are not playing music together but are being played by a system. Every musician has a speaker giving acoustic cues and indicating what and when to play. There is no direct synchronisation between the musicians, nobody giving signs to no one, everyone is completely on its own.

Video of the premiere, Ensemble PHACE
(Lars Mlekusch, Saxophone, Yaron Deutsch, E-Guitar, Mathilde Hoursiangou, Piano)