dark is life is death

dark is life is death (2012)

line-up: soprano, viola, violoncello, piano
(exists also in a version for: mezzosoprano, violin, violoncello, piano, as well as a version for soprano, viola, bassclarinet and piano)
duration: 8′
date of premiere: 12.3.2012, Porgy&Bess, Vienna

This composition is an adaption respectively an extension of trinklied vom jammer der erde II.

Technical advice:
A microphone needs to be placed backstage. The microphone-output goes to a speaker on stage, which should be placed on a chair as close as possible to the singers position in the ensemble. It is used to transmit the singer from backstage in the second part of the piece.
There should be also a possibility for the singer to hear (or see) what is happening on the stage while she is backstage (e.g. headphones with audio-signal from stage).

Kaoko Amano, Jelena Poprzan, Florian Fennes and Matthias Kranebitter in
dark is life is death
(live @ Echoraum Wien)